Sunda Ghana Ltd causing artificial earthquakes in Bortianor – Residents cries for help

Residents of Bortianor, Redtop, Westhills City, Aplaku, Old Barrier and Weija SCC have raised concern over the activities of some Chinese contractors in the area.

According to them, recent activities of Sunda Ghana Limited, a Chinese-owned company, has been causing artificial earthquakes and tremors in the enclave.

Chairman of the Westhills City Landlords and Residents Association, Reverend Antwi Wiredu said residents in the area had taken to believing that earthquakes had become rampant in the area.

However, following investigation from the community leaders, they discovered that construction work by Sunda Ghana Limited at a site in the area, is the cause of the tremors.

“In the course of their construction works, they have been blasting a rocky area which used to be a stone quarry, in an apparent attempt to level the ground for construction works to begin,” he said in a press statement, dated June 13.

Due to the activities of the contractors, “Buildings are cracking, walls are being weakened, fear and panic being caused to residents of especially WESTHILLS CITY.”

The site of Sunda Ghana Limited.

He stated that despite several attempts to get the contractors to halt their activities in the area, it has all proven futile.

“Leaders of the Community have approached the contractors to put a stop to the blasting of rocks or find other alternatives of doing it but these have all fallen on deaf ears.

“The worst of the blasting which shook the entire community and neighbourhoods was experienced at 21:50GMT on Saturday June 12, 2021 making people storm out of their rooms to safety thinking it was another earthquake,” he said.

Cracks appearing on buildings as a result of the artificial earthquakes

He is thus, calling on state authorities to come to their aid to avert any future disaster.

“Members of the community are living in perpetual fears as the Chinese have taken us completely for granted,” he said.


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