Richmond Amofa – Sarpong unveils Manifesto

Richmond Amofa-Sarpong, who is running for the SRC President Office at Kings University College on Monday, 15th March, 2021 unveiled his full Manifesto Policies.

Some highlights of the Manifesto are; The Introduction of Students Apps, The Reduction of Students per class, Campus Security Policy, Female Empowerment, Good Governance and Democracy etc.

Read Full Text below:

Kings University College, our beloved University is thriving to be called among the best private universities in our country, Ghana. Sadly and unjustifiably so, this has not been possible not because students are not playing their part as expected of them, its because we have not had a solid SRC that is ready to work for the interest of students and making students’ views count or matter in decision-making at the management level. 

The KUC SRC has been in crises for sometime now. The crises created and sustained by mismanagement, incompetence, no accountability among others. KUC students, and justifiably so, have lost interest in the SRC since there is a growing concern that there is no SRC to “work” for them and make their concerns addressed.  This has resulted in making students go unopposed in certain key positions under the SRC without any contest.

The hard truth is that, the successive SRC administrations have not had students at heart, but rather working hard for their selfish and parochial interest. This must stop. This successive SRC must not be like that, students deserve better if not best. 

I have dedicated my student life at KUC to fight for the students. Some students at a point thought that I was just a “noise maker” who just wanted to seen talking law and this false spinning created some disaffection for me. All of that was for the interest of students. Records will show that I am the only student who have filed several petitions whether at the quasi-judicial levels or at the Judicial Council which resulted in some reformation or restructuring of the existing structures. My records at the Parliamentary Council Sessions on accountability, fair mindedness and working for students are undisputed. 

I did all these not for my private gains, but for the development of KUC and the SRC. In my dealings with students, I have seen pains and sacrifices made my some students for the interest of students:

1. I have seen students making contributions to pay for other students’ fees.

2. I have seen students interceding on behalf of students who have defaulted in paying for their fees and are been asked to leave the exams hall.

3. In order to see the other arms of the SRC functioning well, one of the heads of such arms of SRC have bought gowns for its members from his own scanty resources. 

4.  I have seen students struggling to learn on campus in the night with their phone torches.

Problems confronting students on campus are many and no efforts have been  made by the SRC to support them. 

It is for these students that I am running for the SRC President. I am contesting for the SRC President for the many who have been betrayed by the successive SRC administrations that did not care for the students. It is to them that my administration will be dedicated. 

My vision for the SRC and KUC as a whole is of an optimistic, self-confident and prosperous SRC/KUC. The next SRC under my leadership will place the interest of students first at its centre. Your hopes and concerns will drive my policies and priorities. 

AS AN SRC:• I promise to build an SRC that works and gives each and every student the opportunity to improve our academic lives on campus.• I will be the SRC President for all theories and killing the unnecessary sidelining of other Faculties and Departments on campus. • I will champion your course with the help of Almighty God, and I will wake up everyday as the SRC President, my first and foremost consideration will be what is best for students. 

Join me, so together, we can build KUC where, if you show up, work hard and vote for me as the next SRC President of KUC, you will have your fair share of the SRC’ wealth. 



Sadly, students of KUC as indicated earlier have greatly lost interest in the SRC and matters concerning students’ politics. This I will say is no fault of theirs but due to how badly SRC have been governed by the successive officers. In fact, the SRC is at the centre of students’ governance. It constitutes the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary Councils.  McKinnon once said that” “The promotion of democracy and good governance is the key to improving people’s lives and that the growing gap between rich and poor is the destabilizing force and threat to democracy. These two key issues were missing or disregarded by the successive SRC and that has greatly affected the interest of students in matters concerning SRC. Students expressing their sentiments were sadly tagged as ‘anti SRC’ and that for me was not the best for the attainment of democracy and good governance. 

The sovereign powers of students have treated with all the impunity. Article 1(2) of the SRC Constitution (as amended) states that, “The sovereignty of the SRC resides in the students governed by the SRC in whose name and for whose welfare the powers of the SRC are exercised in the manner and within the limits laid down in this Constitution”. This clearly means that the SRC shall at all material times act for the interest of students and must be in accordance with this provision. Bad governance has resulted to the collapse of the SRC. Hence, the issue of democracy and good governance will be top on my priorities. 



The scope and extent of separation of powers under the SRC Constitution is to ensure that each arm of the SRC in the performance of its duties within the framework of the SRC Constitution is to act independently and should not be obstructed in the exercise of its legitimate duties. In other words, all arms of SRC are answered or responsible to the SRC Constitution. 

Article 5(1)(a)(b)(c) of the SRC Constitution states inter alia thus, the SRC shall be composed of three main organs of government which include the Executive, Parliamentary and Judicial Councils. Under my leadership, I will ensure that under this concept, no arm of the SRC particularly the Executive arm of the SRC will interfere with the performance of the legal and legitimate duties. 

Under this, I will do the following when elected into office:• I will secure two offices for both the Speaker of Parliament and the Chief Justice. • Thankfully, the current Chief Justice from his own resources has bought gowns for the members of the bench. I will procure the gowns for the Speaker, his Deputy and the Clerk of Parliament. • As required by the SRC Constitution, I will submit to Parliament all my nominees for the various positions for vetting and approval or disapproval. Their action on any of my nominees will be taken in good faith with respect. • Unlike before, I will submit our budget estimates to Parliament for debate and approval or rejection. • I will make any Officer or Officers under SRC requested to appear before the House for briefing to do so without any disrespect to the House.• All my programs and policies will be sent to Parliament for scrutiny and approval before any action will be taking on that program or policy. • I will encourage members through the Legal Affairs Officer to help prepare a new Standing Orders to fit for the current circumstance and challenges. • In accordance with article 48(1) and (2), I will pay all members of Parliament and the Judiciary their Allowances as  agreed and approved by Parliament. • Since the judicial power under the SRC is vested in the Judicial Council, I will accord the Judicial Council with all the respect it deserves and advocate for students to follow same. • In the first week in office, I shall submit to Parliament the full list of Judges for the Judicial Council as required by the SRC Constitution to be vetted and approved. This will be for the smooth running of the council in discharge of their duties. • I will be enjoined to respect Article 52(2) of the SRC Constitution to ensure the judicial independence is attained. 



In adherence or compliance of Article 6(1)(a)(b) of the SRC Constitution, I will ensure that the score mandate as spelt out in the SRC Constitution. I will be seeking the general interest and welfare of students in the University. I will be pursuing such policies and programmes that are necessary for the attainment of academic, social and professional standards in this University.

Among the major things I embark on campus will include but not limited to:• I will see to the refurbishment of all lecture halls (including fixing projectors, windows, p.a systems for halls with larger number of students, fan and curtains.• I will ensure a timely release of exam results for each semester. • Organize career fairs, seminars, conferences and for the first on KUC campus place emphases on Exchange Programs to help students front on a broad scope of knowledge to equip themselves. • Build an integrative network for all Unions, Associations, Clubs and Societies. • Facilitate re-branding of Unions and Association recognized under the SRC, such as LSU and BSA and make them increasingly accessible to students especially freshmen and fresh women. • To enhance online learning, my administration will advocate for “FREE ZONE” Wi-fi where there shall be unlimited access to the internet 24/7 to aid students and make campus busy and lively in the evening. This in a way will encourage students to be on campus at all times to study. 


SPORTS• Under my leadership as the SRC President, I will advocate for free usage of our sports facilities including the Long Tennis Park, the idle pool site and others. • I will begin to negotiate with the government and the corporate world to help us uplift our current football “sakora” pitch to a standard turf. • I will establish a Sports Committee and Physical Fitness under the SRC to enhance students’ health.• Pay better incentives for our sportsmen and women whenever they participate in competitions such as PUSAG Games. • The football team Of KUC will be equipped with 20 new footballs , 2 set of bibs & training kits.
We Shall Ensure That We Project the need for students To Participate Effectively In the other sports discipline and ensure that outstanding sportsmen & women get scholarships. 



Under my leadership, I will resource and dedicate special funds to the Women’s Commission which for some time now has not gotten the needed attention to organize their programs. The SRC through the WOCOM will organize series of seminars, symposia and public lectures with the sole aim of empowering our wonderful and beautiful ladies on campus.



Information from the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) puts the current statistics of Nigerian students in Ghanaian public universities at over 2,000 out of a total student enrolment of 77,005 in these schools. And About 60,000 in our Private Institutions.

This number from the NCTE significantly contradicts data presented by the governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, which shows that in 2011 there were about 71,000 Nigerians studying in Ghana. Whatever the actual number, this figure (number of Nigerian students) is expected to significantly rise in the coming academic years.

We Have Other Students With Us Here At Kings University College from other Sister Countries As well and they contribute highly to the development our school and Ghana as a whole.
The I CARE PROJECT will ensure that we establish an office in charge of international & diplomatic affairs who will help our brothers and sisters from other part of our beautiful Africa to address all the challenges they face here in Ghana.

We shall address the issue of fee paying in Dollars. The payment of fees in foreign currency (USD), adding to the instability of the economy and inflation has made cost of living in Ghana almost unaffordable for our brothers and sisters here and we must come to their aid. It is not easy getting accommodation in Ghana. A lot of agents use so many of us for serious business. They keep showing you places you cannot fit into and before you can get a nice place, you might end up spending the money budgeted for rent because for you to be shown even a single place, you have to pay. And this is besides the mandatory non-refundable agent fee. We Shall Assist them in all immigration issues and offer them a 24/7 complaints unit.



We As SRC will engage management on this very important policy to ensure same is achieved.

In a smaller class, it’s more difficult for students to get left behind. Having fewer students during a lecture means that each one can get the attention they need from their lecturer. They are also encouraged to take part in discussions and driven to express their opinions. Not only do students learn more in small classes, but they also learn faster. And this means the class progresses through the course material more quickly. Their learning is enhanced by the confidence that students develop. They are encouraged to share their opinions and ask and answer questions, which also benefits their mates. Lecturers at the front of a small class have more opportunities to observe and assess the class as a whole and the students as individuals. Learning is further enhanced when lecturers and students can interact spontaneously in the lecture hall.. In learning environments with a limited number of students, teachers can spend more time teaching the material and less time trying to regain the attention of those who are easily distracted. Lecturers can also cater to students’ different learning styles and ensure that they stay engaged and understand what is being taught.


*Operation Fix & Replace All Spoilt Fans *

Effective ventilation is extremely important in providing good indoor air quality especially to ensure effective ventilation in schools. Many studies have proven that well ventilated clean air can lead to better student performance by maintaining student alertness and maintaining health. We As SRC will within our 21 days in Office, replace all spoilt Celine fans and purchase new ones to help the ventilation and free flow of air in our various class rooms. This will be in partnership with one of the giant electrical appliance companies who are ready to partner institutions in return of visibility and acquisition within the student Demographic.



I am currently in meetings with Private Security Firms who are ready to have a partnership with the SRC to offer Professional Security just as it’s done in all Universities In Ghana both Private & Public.. The Office of the SRC Security Commissioner will be Established to ensure that this feasible policy is achieved..

1. Security Officers: The Officers of the University security department ,shall be given a professional training on how to respond to campus Security, (ie; Their appearance,  there approach to students and visitors, and visitors of management.).

2, Patrolling: Security Officers are going to be patrolling the campus at all times being lecturer time and non- lecturer time for students security and safety.

3, Security Commissioner : the SRC shall have a security commissioner who will be the intermediary between the Private Security Company ready to come on board and only want the opportunity to have activation spaces & by that visibility gain from us, they will get client referrals etc.

4, Security lights: there is going to be Street lights across the campus.

5. CCTV cameras: there is going to be cameras at vantage points across the campus

6, First aid facility: there is going to be first aid facility to take care of students in any situation that is detrimental to their health.





We shall ensure that for the first time, We Build An App Where Students can access all their lecture notes & slides that are dropped on their what’s app platforms. Course reps will be required to make the slides they receive from lecturers available for easy upload and download on the KUC STUDENTS APP. This app will have other relevant research materials and E Books to ensure that KUC students access school materials at the very comfort of their homes. This app will come with no subscription fee or charges. It will be an instant download and use app.


The KUC STUDENTS APP will have an API input to ensure the easy & reliable payment of SRC DUES on the app and get an instant feedback message/Receipt on your fon via your mobile money, visa and master card. These payments will be link into an SRC Bank Account. The SRC DUES PAYMENT on the KUC STUDENTS APP will ensure connivence and timely payment of dues so we avoid the traditional way of taking dues manually on campus.


The KUC STUDENTS NEW PORTAL will be a feature on the app where students can get up to date news from our school, Ghana, Africa and the World as a whole. There will be student editors on the portal team who will be uploading New worthy stories to ensure that students get informed, educated and entertained with all the news contents there. I will use my two years experience as the Editor In Chief of the www.GhanaNewsMail.Com to help achieve same.


The KUC STUDENTS APP will have a feature where all students can make complaints and propose ideas on the smooth administration of our school to ensure that we achieve the strong institutional legacies we seek



This is going to be a strong partnership between the SRC & One Of The Giant Telecommunications In Ghana So As To Help Students Have Uninterrupted Internet Service On Campus. This Will Not Only Keep Students Regularly On Campus Alone But Also Come At No Cost To The SRC Since The Telecommunication Company Will Be Offered An Opportunity To Create Experience Hubs, Activations Tents & Market Storms During SRC Weeks, Departmental Weeks & Other Major School Activities To Drive Acquisition, Awareness & Retention For Their Brand. This Project will see the light of day within the First Week Of The Second Semester.


It has come to my notice that certain lecturers either do not show up to lecturers or always have excuses for not meeting at the agreed upon times of lecture yet present exam questions for students.

Again some lecturers do not allow students to make contributions nor ask questions during lectures,students are gripped with fear to speak up for fear of repudiation.

We as the SRC will engage management on the truant behaviour of certain lecturers and also ensure that students are allowed space to air their approval or approvals on issues discussed without fear.

We will also ensure that washrooms,dilapidated facilities will be improved upon for the betterment of students of KUC.

I believe strongly that these aims will have positive impact not only on the current students but other generations to come afterwards.

We do not seek to occupy this position to enrich our CV as purported by some, we only want to occupy this position to make KUC GREAT.

Thank you.


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